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Our smart online learning platform is designed to promote personal development, arming business leaders, corporate managers and their employees with practical, bespoke content, insight and learning tools in real time… think of the T2 Hub as business hacks for your leaders.


T2 ‘The People Performance People’ 


It is incredibly important to develop the right skills and form habitual patterns of behaviour in the workplace. The key to achieving this is to combine theoretical and practical learning. The T2 Hub is a personal development training resource designed to deliver knowledge and insight, enabling leaders to achieve this in real time.

The T2 Hub will:

  • Develop your leaders & managers on the go

  • Deliver actionable & practical management learning tools & content

  • Provide access to T2 consultants for tailored guidance

  • Provide data analysis on user activity & trends

The future of leadership development will rely on our ability to arm leaders with the knowledge, content and tools necessary to learn, develop and take action in real time.
— Martin Johnson, CEO T2 Performance

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Insight that goes in one ear…
and stays there

Full access to our premium knowledge base with 100s of easy to understand pathways, productivity tools, educational videos and Hubcast content promoting personal development and continual learning


Get more from your membership

Curate and customise your hub with pathways relevant to you. Can’t find what you need? Request a pathway and we’ll create it for you.


Drive targeted content to your individual teams

With the power of playbooks, you can curate, collect, organise and share content on the Hub specifically geared towards your team’s requirements.


Content just how you want it

Access T2 Hub content anywhere and everywhere. Read, watch and listen on the go or from the comfort of your office.


Find what works for your team

Share and tag pathways, hubcasts, and videos with your team and get insight from the Hub’s reporting tools.


It’s a doddle to use 


Find the plan that’s right for your business

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